This website showcases some of the games I've played and enjoyed for their narrative, atmosphere, exploration & outer wilds experiences they provide.

The screenshots are directly extracted from games during playing sessions, on the respective devices indicated on each game page.

Screens may be altered or resized in order to remove the HUD whenever the game does not provide a way to remove it nor photo mode.

This website idea originally comes from my workmate Thomas, who made his own Gameoscope since a while.

For the best experience, browse this website on desktop with fullscreen mode and navigate using space / shift + space or PageDown / PageUp, Fn + / Fn + .
You might also want to try the Ambiant lights mode (top-right icon).

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For the technical part, this website is generated from a Symfony application, using Stenope, a static website building tool for Symfony, which I've made with Thomas.